Yoshimoto cubes, part 4

My previous art cubes used appropriation to present opposing two-dimensional views of womanhood in religious art history.

This time that same self-transformation has a much larger scale.  (Each of the black component pieces is an eight inch cube.)

creation cube

This is a foolish way to plan a three dimensional composition. Why didn’t I just scribble over those little prototypes I made a few weeks ago?

I thought I was finished creating art about the whole Creation vs. Evolution argument last fall, but that polyptych was a little too idiosyncratic to read as such.  (I am not denigrating it.  The project was very personally satisfying, but it was a bit subtle for critiques.)  I think the entire debate is a red herring caused by a clash of literal and figurative language.  It all comes back to the concept of paradigms, or mutually incompatible worldviews (neither of which is completely understood or researched).

In short:  it’s a silly tempest in a teacup that I only bother to notice because it comes up often enough to trash sincere conversations.  Both sides enrich our culture, and it would be a tragedy if either were censored out of existence.

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