Fore-edge painting

This is the sketchbook in which I try to draw world maps (without looking at references).  The results are pretty humbling, so I looked at a map for the painting.

foredge painting clamped in progress

I almost have this process figured out.  foredge painting in progress 2

The painting is enjoyable, but gilding the edges is still giving me grief.

foredge gilding

Fore-edge decoration (by other people throughout history)

As you should expect from me by now, I have been searching out some excellent examples of people working in this medium.  (Please feel free to recommend more, too!)

I learned about this type of book decoration at Principia College’s library, but the Boston Public library has a good online introduction to fore-edge decoration.

Clare Brooksbank’s fore-edge paintings were particularly appealing to me. Of course I’m most interested in art history references hidden in the physical structure of a book.

3 responses to “Fore-edge painting”

  1. That’s amazing. You are very talented. I like the world painting you did. The press you made is smart too! Well done. Have a lovely day! Koko

    1. Thanks! The press works well enough for now, but I think something that applies pressure more evenly will be useful for other bookmaking. I mention it just in case you were going to try something similar. I suspect it’s the reason why I had to put in the extra time to separate all the gilded pages.

      Again, thanks for the feedback!

      1. I am no where near talented enough to do that. :) I am going to enjoy just watching you! Have a great evening! :) Koko

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