The Puzzle Show

This year I’m taking part in The Puzzle Show, which is a fundraiser for the Chico Art Center. The time-sensitive thing to know is that the final auction of these pieces takes place on March 29, 2019 from 5 -8 PM.


I purchased an oddly shaped plywood panel to decorate in the manner of my choosing.  I agonized a bit over this.  The piece I grabbed had a silhouette that reminded me of a cloud or cat.  I had that panel in my studio for a month, and even with thumbnailing I never hit on any other ideas worth bothering with.

Since this is a fundraiser rather than something to be terribly ambitious about, I pushed myself in the direction of gesture and abstraction instead.  No references!  No second-guessing!


I was charmed by the looseness of the final watercolor drafts, but in the end I glued my first charcoal drawing to the plywood board.


Here are some pictures of my puzzle piece in context with the Chico Art Center installation:


I heard the bidding hit $50, but there is still time!  Bidding does not close until 8 PM on March 29, 2019!

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