Sketchbook project 2018

Sometimes I use the Sketchbook Project as an excuse to goof off artistically.

This time around I used their theme “No worries” as an excuse to do a set of images that for me work like emergency smile generators.

Sketchbook 2018 11.jpeg

I didn’t want to incorporate a lot of words, so I used QR codes to link to whatever my doodle represented (e.g. Nichelle Nichols speaking about the time Dr. King talked her into staying on Star Trek as Lt. Uhura.).

Sketchbook 2018 8.jpeg

I didn’t task it with being terribly profound.  The point was just to enjoy it.  Ironically, I was struggling with some personal stuff that made working on this project feel downright strange.  I ended up doing most of it the night before, which was a slightly more frantic pace than I planned.  Still fun.

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