Cards Against Brutality

Last night I had the opportunity to get my upperclass(hu)man art students and Kristin Serafini in a room together.  She generously agreed to bring a copy of her collaborative Cards Against Brutality project, and that sparked a natural and inspiring conversation about art and social practice.

Serafini, who has taught at both colleges and high schools in addition to producing several books, is someone about whom I am incapable of being objective.  This project is completely typical of what I have witnessed from her.  What was meant to be a one-night excursion into social practice became a long-running and ambitious endeavor.  I can only hope that my students take this idea to heart:  you can’t guarantee which of your projects will resonate with other people, so give give them your all and pay attention.

We also spent some time on the idea that socially aware art can be particularly draining, so you have to be alert to self-care in order to support a more meaningful and long-term effort.  All-in-all, it was an evening well spent.

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