Millennial Founding Fathers

millenial George Washington
“George Washington, the most popular one in the group, keeps getting talked into organizing everything even though all he wants to do is focus on his craft beer start up. The group always fights unless he’s there to keep the peace. TA, known for strict but fair grading.”

My quest during this first year after grad school has been to remember how to do art without the epic plan.  (Perhaps that is a poor plan.  Discuss amongst yourselves.)

As a result, I’m attempting a few illustrations for a friend whose historical preoccupation is North America during the late eighteenth century.  She generated an amusing list of millenial hipster stereotypes to go with each of the USA founding fathers.


I don’t do a lot of illustration, and I hadn’t attempted digital illustration for ten years.  It seemed like a good time.  Readers of this blog may have noticed that I do love a chance to experiment with artistic techniques.  I’m relearning this stuff in a hurry.  I don’t consider either quite finished, but the Adams illustration took a fraction of the time I spent wrangling Washington.

millenial John Adams
“John Adams has a podcast, but no one listens to it very much, because he’s a loud, obnoxious, know-it-all with no sense of humor. But, at least he backs up his opinions by doing something more concrete than changing his Facebook status.”

I blame the banderoles on either:

1) political cartoons from the late 18th century,
2) my love of medieval paintings, or
3) that Sierra Nevada Brewery delivery truck that keeps parking in front of my workplace

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