Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon


When: Saturday, 7 March 2015

What: improving Wikipedia’s coverage of women in art (and increasing the number of contributors who identify as female)

Where: everywhere (and at many locations where workshops are being held)

Why: Very few of the contributors to Wikipedia identify as female.  Are women excluding themselves, or are we trying to ignore our gender?  In either case, there is a great deal of improvement in the number of women contributing to Wikipedia and the number of women whose achievements are documented therein.

Here are a few articles to whet your interest:

“Mass Wikipedia Edit to Make the Internet Less Sexist” by Laura Feinstein

“An Epic Feminist Edit-a-Thon Takes Aim at Wikipedia’s Gender Gap” by Sarah Mirk

“101 Women Artists Who Got Wikipedia Pages This Week” by Robin Cembalest (about the effect of last year’s Edit-a-Thon)

“MoMA to Host Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon to Repair Art World Gender Imbalance” by Brianna McGurran

“Popaganda Episode: Wired” Bitch Media

BUT what if I can’t make it to a workshop or get online on Saturday?

All right, folks.  I am four hours’ distance from the nearest Edit-A-Thon meetup.  Gainful employment also eats up most of that day.  That is not going to stop me!

I used this as the kick in the pants that finally got me to create a Wikipedia account and get started.  I have merely added or corrected some citations so far, but it is a start.  The Art+Feminism website has some solid tutorials to get us started.



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