A bevy of artists’ sites


Beth Scher

Jaclyn Seufert

Todd Molinari

Eric Leon

Colleen Wampole

David Butler

Amy Brand and (her blog)

Denise Philipbar

Sarah Nguyen

Nathan Goddard

Joe Bliss and his plein air paintings

Robin Brewer

Monika Rosa

Meg Brady

Aaron Kather

Moraiah Luna

Zac Pritchard

University of the Arts Faculty:

Rebecca Saylor Sack

Dan Reidy and Wendy Taylor

Eileen Neff

Sandra Davis

Jennie Shanker

Leslie Friedman

People who happen to be in California:

J Pouwels

Topical blogs related to this Uarts program

Uarts studio MFA blog

Painting/Practice blog

Pictorial Elements blog

MFA class of 2014 blog (Note: this one is on hiatus)


There are many more people who should be on this list. If you’re one of them, then please let me know the address of your site!

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