Bi-hourly comic

rome_hourly_clock mat

This, the most complicated mat I’ve cut to date, represents a twenty-four hour period through comics.  This was…a stretch for me.  (Three of the spaces are blank because nothing particularly noteworthy happened as I slept.)

rome hourly_coffee

Between 7 and 9 am, I apparently found it crucial to record that:  “As it transpired, that cappuchino [sic] at the hotel was my only chance at coffee in Italy.”

(Apparently my drawing and spelling suffer late at night.)


Here, I asked the universe:  “What is the Borghese family animal?  I tried to suss it out, and it distracted me from Titian.”  Well, past self, you saw dragons, eagles, and griffons because the correct answer was: dragons and eagles.

(I’m still more enamored of the Barberini bees.  Sorry.)

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