Souvenirs, part 2

I recently completed what I considered a research trip to Europe.

Daphne’s hand from Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne at the Galleria Borghese
“It truly is all butts and dirty feet with Caravaggio.”

I brought a stack of quality paper and pencils and attempted to create as many souvenirs (aka postcards) as I could while engaged in the inevitable “hurry up and wait” parts of such travel.

postcard_gaudi lizard

postcard_gaudi  postcard_gaudi turtle

Obviously Gaudi’s Basilica de la Sagrada Familia made a bit of an impression.  I knew the organic qualities of the basilica and the Park Güell would be very important to me, but that little outbuilding he made outside the basilica for the education of workers’ children deepened my admiration.  Yes, large projects for the inspiration and elevation of a city should address educational as well as spiritual needs.  Bravo.

Descubre el Cronut: De madre francesa y de padre americano


Whereas the Picasso museum in Paris provides a fantastic peek into the many versions and iterations of his Demoiselles d’Avignon, his museum in Barcelona includes his series of paintings derived from Las Meninas by Velásquez.  (More on this later.)

postcard_unicorn       postcard_henry viii holbein

Why is Holbein’s portrait (or a copy) of English King Henry VIII in Rome?


I had some monetary issues while abroad, which made traditional souvenir-acquisition nearly impossible.  One of the postcards uses embossing to whine about this directly.


I mailed the results today.


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