Correspondence art, Round 2

I heard this on a recent walk.

Our fall colors tend to be modest, but we see a lot of Canadian geese thanks to a local wildlife sanctuary and many rice fields.


I had all sorts of complicated notions for how to incorporate my favorite symbol of fall into this round of cards.  What about three-dimensional popups?

I did that with an elephant once:


I began adapting that trellis technique to geese, but making thirty of them would steal more painting time than I can afford right now.  I may have to make one of these simply for closure.

honker dummy honker dummy 2

( I heard that some recipients of August’s madeleine cards found the accordion fold difficult to figure out, so I was trying to figure a system of tabs to minimize possibility of failure.  I planned to print the design and added embellishments onto a smooth Bristol paper. )

As ever, anyone interested in participating in this short mail art series is welcome to add their name to the list.

A variant of these cards will appear in the “Write Away: Postcards with a Purpose” show at the 1078 gallery on October 5.

1078 card

I submitted two other postcards.  I delivered them in a slightly irregular manner, so they may or may not have gotten to the gallery on time.  I’ll find out on Saturday.

[ Edit:  a family emergency prevented me from witnessing the silent auction to its end.  I was able to get in at the beginning to see the others’ excellent contributions.  There was a bid on this goose print, which was gratifying to see. ]

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