Encaustic fad

I need a better term for this than hive mind.  I know it’s part of a larger art fad, but how is it that four people in this program decided to toy with encaustics at the same time but independently of one another?

encaustic_clown copy

I was only familiar with the painterly approach, so the more collage- or photograph-oriented mentality intrigues me.  I’m not going to do it more than once or twice, but it’s interesting.


I compensated for the sudden reduction in my control by going with a more graphic approach.  (You know, simplified forms, increased contrast, etc.  I could use a better term for this as well.  The way I used it just now oversimplifies the awesomeness of which graphic design is capable.  Sorry, world.)

encaustic_cheeky wuwy

Going to the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts definitely made me want to do more portraits.  Glorious stuff.  (Theirs, not these.  I like these, but I drooled over those.  And an entire room of excellent art by women….without a sign to announce it and thereby frame it as tokenism.  Glorious….)

encaustic_ivy the tree hugger

(It’s this lady’s birthday today.)



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