Overthink everything

This van Eyck project has already gotten deliciously out of hand.  The basic concept of inserting myself in the place of one of the figures in the Arnolfini portrait is rather straightforward.  I calculated a maximum of five minutes for hitting that pose and taking a picture.

It was empty, soulless, and wrong in every particular.

After a number of attempts (including falling back on this year’s trick of doing a short video and trawling through for the optimal frame) I realized I’d have to do something I thought I’d never ever attempt again.


It’s dorky, but I didn’t get a picture I liked until I posed with no thought of the angle, composition, or formal characteristics of what I needed.  When I finally focused purely on the persona, attitude, and overall content of the figure I wanted…it just so happened that I got the source photo I needed.

What I’m learning is that everything needs to be done in an appropriate mindset…even if it’s meant to be ridiculous.

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