I have spent (far too much) time looking at Cindy Sherman‘s work.  I am, after all, a feminist artist preoccupied by the interaction between contemporary artists and art history.  The paradoxes and slippage between doppelgangers is particularly important to me.

How did I miss Yasumasa Morimura?

His self-portraits as female icons (from starlets to the Mona Lisa) challenge preconceptions about gender.  Individual artworks risk glibness and formula, but the effect of them en masse is quite different.

His series of self-portraits as movie starlets seem particularly empathetic.  As his description on the Saatchi gallery website points out, his work adds critique on objectification, exoticism, and Orientalism to the feminist implications of these images.  It fits well with the concept of intersectionality.  The “selected press” section on the Luhring Augustine website is particularly worth looking at to clarify how Morimura’s work uses pretense and absurdity to convey poignant truths.