More ways to mess with wax

I have a few (final?) things to post about wax.  I bought quite a bit of beeswax from a vendor at the local farmer’s market, but I don’t plan to do any more encaustic painting or wax seals in the near future.

How can you get rid of it?

First, have I ever mentioned how to clean it up?  Rubbing alcohol can be useful when it gets into cloth, though I’ve had better luck with ironing it out (with a paper towel between the iron and the wax-afflicted clothing).  The idea of freezing it to remove wax from non-porous containers is a new trick (to me).  It sounds promising.  For encaustic painters who use metal tins, this might be an invaluable way to clear out your muddy colors.

Burn it!

Making candles was one option.  You can buy candle-making kits, but the process of preparing your own cotton string to act as a wick seems straightforward.  I have a lot of extra second-hand teacups from my series of still life paintings of the same, which makes me want to transform them into candles…when I have time for that sort of thing.

Rub it on your hands!

In the end, that wax went into homemade hand salve.  It’s the consistency of lip balm, but that is a fantastic quality for individuals who use fast orange to clean their hands and live in a dry climate. I simplified the recipe to two parts melted beeswax, one part olive oil, and one part coconut oil.

I still have half a pound of beeswax left.  Is there anything besides painting, letter seals, candles, and lotions that I can do with this wax?

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