A break from the essays

As ever, I’m interested in the pop culture (grass roots, etc.) approaches to and examination of gender equality.  It’s a great concept, but how does it relate to real life???

I have a few more influences to add to that list.

– a thoughtful look at Norman Rockwell titled “On Gender, Girlhood, and Norman Rockwell

– Kate Beaton’s straw feminists in Hark, a Vagrant are always a humorous reminder that feminism need not mean vindictive bitterness

– “From Plump to Waif:  500 Years of the Perfect Female Body” (by which Serge Bialanko presents the arbitrariness of body ideals)

– a Disney-themed version of the Hawkeye Initiative’s costume swap

– speaking of costumes, here’s an excuse to ditch the boob exaggeration in armored fighting costumes (however fictional)

– as a person with long hair, the flowing locks of ladies in action fics, shows, and comics strains my credulity

– a customer thanked me last week for offering his daughter gender-neutral and non-Disney stickers as a reward for her exemplary patience (…and this conversation took place before his daughter was aware that stickers might be in her future)

-Melanie Tannenbaum’s article on benevolent sexism

-Hillel Schwartz’s Culture of the Copy is more of a disquisition than a sound bite…but I just finished it and noticed several very relevant connections.

“Such doubleness was especially problematic for women, who had to negotiate more treacherous passage between private and public, and who were skinned of their old names, sometimes of their identities, when they married” (80)

“Pressures to fuse [toward that whole person, that consensus of properties, and that continuity of personal history which industrial societies at once demand and obstruct] have also been pressures to refuse parts of oneself inconformable to cultural expectations of gender roles, or to defuse legitimately rebellious parts of a gendered life.” (86)