Yoshimoto cubes

In my studio proposal for this term, I struggled to describe one of the projects.

As it transpires, the structure I perforce called “eight cubes that hinge such that they fold and refold to expose either of two versions” is a simplification of the 1971 Yoshimoto cubes.  A biography and introduction to Naoki Yoshimoto’s work is available in conjunction with the detour project for Moleskine.

The MoMA has a set of these cubes, and you can buy a replica at their store.  It’s easiest to understand these models in motion, so here’s a YouTube video demonstration.

This blog offers more technical details.

I am delighted to finally be able to properly credit the design’s origin.  I intend to continue with this project, but it has changed quite a bit.  The fascinating part seems to be the transformative aspect of the design.  Since my current body of work focuses on paradigm shifts, this infinite self-transfiguration is helpful.

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