Anything would be an improvement

I am finally ready to admit that building decent frames on my folding table…is impossible.

folding table

My workbench needs to accommodate a miter saw (since working on the deck is also a horror show).  I’m mostly constructing increasingly bizarre frames.  I usually work without assistance, so clamping is essential.  A limitation is the fact that I need to store this outside, which requires storage protection against weather and theft.

None of the following plans are quite right, but maybe I can combine a few.


A basic workbench.

This folding version might allow me to lock up tools inside, but it might not be any sturdier than the plastic folding table I already use.

These plans for a modular workbench includes a miter box table, which might save a lot of bother later on.

Isn’t this just a glorified sawhorse with clamps?

Many workbenches seem too fancy for the likes of me.

Most versions require a table saw.  Who owns a table saw but doesn’t have a workbench?  I don’t have room for a table saw, and I’m not convinced I need to buy a router for one project.

Or I could just buy one.

I know one person who simply uses gorilla shelves.