Gearing up for the next big thing

Like my budding interest in numismatics*, this possible foray into philately relates to my mother.  (Shut up, Freud.)  Her stamp and coin collections relate to her peripatetic youth, her family history, and a predilection for organization.

A satire of philately and other things

I’m also willing to allocate some blame to Terry PratchettGoing Postal and Making Money are the current culprits.

You can even have your own USPS-compatible stamps printed…for a little over twice the standard price.


*Apparently learning fancy new vocab words is critical.  This is handy, because I wasn’t verbose and jargon-addled enough.

numismatics–the study or collection of coins

philately-the collection and study of postage stamps

cinderella stamps-counterfeit stamps

artistamps-fake stamps that don’t even try to pass for the real thing (in format, paper, etc.)

neoism–v. confusing…an anti-“art movement” art movement?


Mail art?  Really?

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