How could my art become brave?

We spent a bit of time talking about Pussy Riot in our Studio Topics class (aka our “get out of the studio” course).

The newspaper I follow was the first place I heard of the group.  I couldn’t find a link to the small blurb “Where the Swiss aren’t neutral” from March 4, 2013, but I have a clipping.  (Actually, I somehow ended up with two.  Odd.)  To quote from that clipping:

“A carnival lantern in Basel, Switzerland, exhibits the color associated with annual parties in such places as Rio de Janeiro.  But here marchers get political, reports Meritxell Mir.  ‘We want to show our solidarity [with Russia’s Pussy Riot] because they are very brave women,’ Oliver Mayer, designer of a float for one group, told her.  It’s ‘the Putins and the Berlusconis’ who deserve scorn, he said.

basel_pussy riot

Here’s an explanation of how the lantern would be used during the Swiss carnival.

The satiric references to icons caught my eye (obviously because of my current body of work), but that was just the intro.