Writer’s block

The studio topics class is a golden opportunity to try out collaborative, interactive, quirky art in the community.  The only fly in this ointment is my near-complete inability to come up with a stellar project!

1) converting all the windows of Anderson into lightboxes

I rather like this one.  It would be a lot of work to cut letters, words, or images out of enough black craft paper to make this happen, but the effect could be pretty magical for anyone walking down Broad Street after dark.

It’s a bit derivative of the single window with text on the ground floor and the Improv EverywhereLook Up More” project (at 5:05)

2) Flash mobs

I love the concept in general, and have never been in a place with sufficient population density to make it work.  Unfortunately, it’s not the most tactful thing to propose in Philadelphia.

3) projections on buildings

I’ve been looking at Jenny Holzer‘s work too much.  I have no idea how to make that happen.  What I’d really love to do is project a pattern on the sidewalks and buildings that suggests moonlight filtering through leaves.  It would be pretty ironic for a city street.

4)  repeating Aaron’s floating word idea from last summer (but for a longer period of time)

(Aaron!  Why didn’t you suggest this?)

5) surveillance footage projected live to a screen visible to the person being filmed

It’s been done.  I’ve an amazing view of Broad Street from my studio, but so what?

6)  giveaways

Give away what?  Free drawings on the spot?  It’s no good if it isn’t something people want.

7) tableau vivant (see eponymous blog post several days ago)

Oh, theatre.  This idea went over like a lead balloon in class.

8) ephemeral art

It’s less amazing than Andy Goldsworthy’s “Midsummer Snowballs” installation, but what about a parade of people undoing and redoing the same action in apparent ignorance of each other?  There’s a conceptual artwork featuring a chalkboard that I’m struggling to remember…and failing…


What I had in mind was more along the lines of a person picking up litter, followed by a person maybe ten paces behind throwing similar litter onto the ground.  Ten paces behind the litterbug, a third  person could pick up their litter.  With enough people in this parade, it could be rather entertaining/thought-provoking.

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