City Museum, St. Louis

I seriously considered presenting the City Museum to my classmates in Studio Topics as an example of interdisciplinary, community-focused, collaborative, and interactive art.  (I chose another artist because his work is more directly applicable to the scope of our projects.)  It seems to have had an enormous effect on its rather run-down neighborhood and is one of the city’s brag-worthy attractions.


The eight-story slide is my favorite.  It’s absolutely worth the grueling climb.  As the red-shirted kid knows, the view is amazing.  The enormous pipe organ is an interesting touch.


This looks fairly straightforward.  It’s a room with a few climbable structures and fluttery things hanging from the ceiling, right?  That oversized slinky around the column in the foreground provides access to various crawl-able ceiling passages (complete with peepholes).  The floor has its own tunnel system, too.  For those disinclined to scramble about, the mosaics on the walls, floor, columns, and other surfaces are imaginative and gorgeous.


Seriously.  This is a museum for which you have sneakers and no audio tour.  It’s a Disney theme park made from found objects and without safety bars.


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