ID shop orientation

[The facilities are capable of fascinating things…but the fact that we were encouraged during the orientation to look for other ID shops to work with was a fair warning to how feasible collaboration between low-residency and Anderson-based MFA students and  any department located in Terra was to be.  In other words:  find another way.]

projects that might benefit from this resource center:


-feels like cheating to create wood matrix via laser cutting…sacrificing the fun of carving for speed and convenience)

-maybe an alphabet for future letterpress work?  (…sans press)


-the laser cutter would eliminate the aspects I most hate/fumble about popups and papercrafted simple machines:  the Xacto knife and precise measuring


-unique hinges (is that even possible? reasonable? desirable?)

coin project

-less of a dilettante result/process

(this project seems to be universally despised…is it really that lame, or have I simply executed it so badly that people can’t see its potential?)


The Uarts ID shop

Thingiverse, (open source plans)

3D printing

Free, intuitive, save as stl)

Rhino 3D, (students can download a beta version for free)