It’s all about the ice cream

A classmate serendipitously heard about a performance called “Shooting Stars” at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.  Amy and I went, and it was excellent.  There were many fascinating performances and installations, but the centerpiece was absolutely the ice cream.

Amy had a chance to try making music by eating ice cream, and it was the most incredible thing to watch.  It was such a fantastic moment that it makes me want to commemorate it with my own art making.

The show’s advertised theme was politics and patriotism.  If I hadn’t read that, I would have assumed that the shared idea was of communication and trust.

By the time I post this, it’s too late to see the “Shooting Stars” show.  It is NOT, however, too late to see the jaw-dropping textile show on the second floor, the hilarious and thoughtful Spivak show on the first, or the intriguing film quilts (also on the first floor).  Those are on display until August 18.