Colleen Wampole

oval frame with teapot pattern and embroidered steam

Making Tea, embroidery on custom-printed fabric, 2018

Recent work:

Making Tea is about balancing individuality within a repetitive structure.  The artist designed this fabric pattern as a unified field of tea-making apparatuses in order to symbolize small talk and gestures of hospitality with which we nurture relationships.  Embroidering stylized steam represents the fact that these interactions are no less valuable for being repetitive. They may not be dramatic, but they should be satisfying.

 If you are interested in more examples of my work, you will find them in my portfolio.  If you want to read more about how these ideas relate to my portfolio, you can do so here.
wampole_power dressing_jeanne clinton detail 2_30 Oct 2014_web

Power Dressing (detail), watercolor, 2014