Colleen Wampole

dear theo image set

Dear Theo & Hiroshige, altered book with hidden fore-edge painting 5.25 x 8 inches 2016

Considering how heavily my artistic process relies on representation, it may sound odd when I claim that my artwork is as much about the gaps in that representation as the representation itself.  These gaps are both literal and figurative.

The figurative gaps in my artwork are those of allusion.  Any images that I appropriate or subvert are chosen for how meaningfully they relate to topics that concern me deeply.

The literal gaps are relevant to how often I work with altered books, polyptychs, and other artworks in which it is at least difficult to view the entire surface at once. 


If you are interested in more examples, you will find them in my portfolio.

If you want to read more about how these ideas relate to my portfolio, you can do so here.

wampole_power dressing_jeanne clinton detail 2_30 Oct 2014_web

Power Dressing (detail), watercolor, 2014